Bali. My first visit shooting stock was in May.

As a holiday destination, it ticked a lot of boxes – the South-East Asian food and lifestyle, the chaos and the calm. It’s an easy place to take photos, the Balinese are photogenic, friendly and not too pushy. Photographically, there’s lots to shoot – temples, monkeys and culture and more.

One of our favourite hangouts was the beach at Seminyak, which stretches south to busier beaches of Legian and Kuta, full of walkers and joggers, cafes, sunbathers and beanbag sunset watchers.

Early every morning the beach is cleaned of rubbish left from the previous day – gangs of workers combing up refuse and tractors pulling mechanical brushes to keep the beaches in pristine condition. Unfortunately as soon as the tide comes in it repopulates with seaborne refuse. I was fascinated by the detritus left behind.

I wouldn’t usually shoot on my iPhone but using it to create this little collection of photos really worked in this instance!

Here is a sample of only 100m stretch of beach – interesting stuff.


triptych 1triptych 2triptych 3triptych 4triptych 5triptych 6