Join me at Taupo Library for a talk that I am going to give upstairs in the Hone Tuwhare Room on Thursday 14th June. There will be drinks and nibbles to entice you to this very informal chat, and yes there will be photos and a bit of video to keep you from falling asleep !! Starting time 5.30pm till about 7.00pm.

In it I will be telling you about the Ukraine and how it has been royally ‘done over’ by its neighbours during the last 100 years and how the infamous nuclear accident at Chernobyl in 1986 was the catalyst for the demise of the USSR. I’ll tell you the sequence of events on that fateful night that led up to that ‘perfect storm’, its consequences and the ramifications that are still being felt today.

There’s a bit on America under Trump and Russia under Putin.


C u there.