So, we’ve landed in Athens to rain and 15 degrees. Seeing as we have limited time before heading into Romania and Bulgaria there really is only one thing to look at – The Parthenon.

First impressions are how popular this place is. Only a couple of years have passed since the unpopular austerity measures were put into place but you wouldn’t know it to see people by the thousands all flocking here. According to our driver at least you can draw out 250 euros every week through the ATM!

The next impression was all the scaffolding and cranes surrounding this otherwise beautiful UNESCO building – 2500 years old. The renovations have been going on since the 1970’s and some date back into the 1800’s – that’s some renovation! And, so I gather, the modern works are all about correcting the mistakes of the past.  This seems to be a modern phenonoma as all the ancient sites that I have visited in the last 10 years seem to be in a continual state of repair – you could say this really is the modern face of  ancient building!

Still, the people don’t seem to mind.

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